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So uh. Hi?

2013-01-28 23:38:58 by ilikeblamingcrap

So it's been fucking forever since I've been on NG. I missed my own 3rd birthday here. Neat.

From what I've seen, this place is kinda dead. It kinda makes me sad to see that, but hey, at least it'll join the other big great's remembered only to shitty sites like 4chan as legendary cesspools of shit that it outlived (for some reason). I'm fine with that though, it's the cycle of the internet after all. I'm not popular enough to say "I'm coming back, I promsie" but I am egotistical enough to mention it.

We'll see where 2013 takes us. February comes up, A.K.A. Tom's yearly month long period. That'll be fun. I'm going off to the dating sims and hentai now. I see that hasn't changed much yet. FUN FUN.

3 years ago today, I signed up to 3 years ago today, this misspelled legend was born.

3 years ago today, was the day I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

*blows out the candles*


Happy birthday, ilikeblamingcrap

Pokemon Firered Nuzlocke

2011-02-12 19:16:25 by ilikeblamingcrap

Because of an action replay dicking my Pokemon firered, I decided to transfer all of my beloved pokemon to the DS games and start over. During that time, Ronald-McDonald-LoL began a nuzlocke on Pokemon Crystal. I decided to start my own.

Day 1; February 12, 2011

Name: Ash, because I'm a faggot
Rival: Gary MF
Starter: Squirtle nicknamed him Blue

On the very last patch of grass of route 1 I encountered Pidgey... without any Pokeballs. To bad, so sad. Got Blue to level 7. Caught a female Mankey at level 3 on route 22, nicknamed Penny. Got her to level 7. Caught Pidgey in route 2 and nicknamed Ron-LOL because I <3 Ronald. Found a weedle but he fainted because Pidgey is to awesome. Not fucking with Gary until I get my Pokemon to level 9.

Day 2; February 14, 2011

Blue the Squirtle level 8
Penny the Mankey level 7
Ron-LOL the Pidgey level 3

Got Ron to level 7 quick, as he gains EXP as lightning speed. Decided to get Penny to level 9 first, and a fucking spearow got her. I'll save all dead pokemon for once the game is over (the islands, E4 rematches, etc.) to revive them. Left with Ron and Blue now.

Ron is now level 9 and learned gust. He'll be my rapist for Gary MF's Bulbasaur and Viridian Forest. Blue is level 9, time to give Gary MF a nice long and hard battle.

His pidgey got Blue in a tight spot but Blue got a nice crit. and took that fucker out. Sent out Ron to counter his Bulbasaur, and took him out with two hits. All he got to squeeze out was a tiny Tackle.

Got Ron to level 10 in the forest. I figure he won't be useful in the gym, so I'll let him get his share of EXP here.

Got out of Viridian Forest with no problem.

Current team:
Pidgey (Ron-LOL) Level 12 Gust, Tackle, Sand-Attack
Squirtle (Blue) Level 12 Tackle, Bubble, Tail Whip, Withdraw

Went straight to the Gym after I healed. Camper Liam's Geodude got OHKO'd by bubble. Blue got to level 13 and learned Water Gun. Bye-Bye Bubble. His Sandshrew was persistant and spammed Defense Curl but Ron beat him and leveled up to 13, learning Quick Attack.

Healed and now it's time for Brock. His Geodude got OHKO'd and his Onix did too. Blue didn't even get a scratch and got to level 14. Sorry brock, now hand my badge the fuck over. Also got my running shoes finally.

On Route 3, Bug Catcher Greg's Kakuna leveled up Blue to level 16 evolving him into Wartortle. I thank Bug Catcher Greg and his Kakuna for losing. Also his Metapod got Ron to level 15. After all of those battle's and Ron getting to level 16, had a chance to capture a Spearow. To bad Ron took her out with one tackle... but to make up for it, I got a magikarp from that faggot who offers one, and I nicknamed him Raep

Finally inside Mt. Moon, I met a Zubat who I sucsessfuly caught, and named her Purple. I'll be training her and Raep together.

Day 3; February 15, 2011

I enter Mt. Moon as a man, and I exit as a Demi-god.

Current Team:
Raep the Magikarp Level 13, with Splash.
Purple the Zubat Level 9 with Thief (Taught by TM found in Mt. Moon), Astonish, and Leech Life
Blue the Wartortle Level 18 with Water Gun, Tackle, Tail Whip, and Withdraw
Ron-LOL the Pidgeotto, evolved, Level 18 with Quick Attack, Gust, Tackle, and Sand Attack

As I reach Cerulean, I catch a female Spearow who shall be known as Aro O'Frear. I know it's ANOTHER flying type, but I need the Pokemon. Time to grind these three to level 15.

Beat Gary. Took a little while but I didn't lose anyone nor did I have to use items. Raep, Purple, and Ron-LOL all got one level. Purple took care of his Abra no problem. I also took out the first two of Nugget Bridge. Purple is now level 11.

While fighting a Rattata to get Raep to level 15, his Quick Attack got a critical on Aro, causing her to die. She didn't even get to level up once, but was more than half-way to 13. R.I.P. Aro O'Fear and fuck you Rattata. I told you SCTE3, it's always some dirty low percentage Rattata...

Raep is now not 100% useless; He learns Tackle at level 15. Now for Purple to be trained.

Day 4; February 16 2011

Gave the folks at nugget bridge a correct dicking.

Current Team:
Purple the Zubat level 13 with Thief, Astonish, Leech Life, and Supersonic
Raep the Magikarp level 15 with Tackle, and Splash
Blue the Wartortle level 19 with Bite, Water Gun, Tail Whip, and Withdraw
Ron-LOL the Pidgeotto level 19 with Quick Attack, Gust, Tackle, and Sand-Attack

On Route 24, my first encounter was a fucking Abra. I threw a pokeball thinking I wouldn't catch him (and I was in fact typeing "but I didn't catch him") But lo and fucking behold I do. With a Pokeball. He shall be named Aron.

On Route 25, I encountered a Weedle. I have always liked the Caterpie family more, but Beedrill is a fucking boss too. I used Raep to weaken him, and Raep did get poisoned, but I was able to quickly use a pokeball, and caught him. He shall be named after my last Beedrill that I had to delete, Kookie Bee.

My team had changed around a bit after going to Bills house.

Kookie got to level 11, evolved into Beedrill, and learned Fury Attack
Purple got to level 14
Aron got to level 15 and I taught him Secret Power useing a TM I got on route 25
Blue got to level 20
Ron got to level 20
Raep stayed the same

Spoke to Bill and what not and got the S.S. Ticket. Now it's time for Misty.

Took out the first guy with little problem., took the girl out with no problem. Misty's staryu was stubborn as fuck and blue took allot of damage. I had to use a Super Potion on him, but I got the fucker. Starmie Was a lager bitch because it got Ron down to Half heath with one hit. Had to use Blue again but with bite, I thought it would be a bit more of a breeze. That was bullshit. He may have been beaten by Blue, but he beat the shit out of him with swift. No one was lost though. Kookie and Blue both leveled up.

Took out the Rocket Grunt, and leveled up Ron and Kookie. On Route 5, my first encounter was a Pidgey. Didn't catch her because I'm also going by the rules of no doubles of pokemon. Fucker was stubborn as hell. Had the same encounter on Route 6 and he too was a stubborn mother fucker.

Day 5; February 17 2011
I've grinded allot. I fucked up on my chance to catch a Diglett in Diglett Cave, so I got Raep back just because.

Current Team:
Kookie Bee the Beedrill level 19 with Fury Attack, Poison Sting, String Shot, and Focus Energy
Raep the Gyarados level 20 with Bite, Tackle, and Splash
Purple the Zubat level 21 with Wing Attack, Bite (replaced theif on accident because I wasn't paying attention and kept pressing A like a moron.), Astonish, and Leech Life
Aron the Kadabra level 21 with Psybeam, Confusion, Teleport, and Disable
Blue the Wartortle level 21 with Bite, Water Gun, Tail Whip, and Withdraw
Ron-LOL level 22 with Quick Attack, Gust, Tackle, and Sand-Attack

I also caught a Drowzee on Route 11 and named him TheRapist. Time to dick around in the S.S. Anne!

I exit with everyone level 22, exept for Aron and Blue who are both level 23. Now it is time for Lt. Surge

In the first battle, I chose Aron to take out Magnamite.
I used Psybeam
He used supersonic
Aron hit himself
He used sonic boom
Aron hit himself again
And that fucker used Sonic boom while Aron had 15 HP left.
Why Aron wh- wait a minute... it... IT MISSED? HOLY FUCKING DICKS did I change him out fast. Blue took care of that fucker. I can not let this shit happen.

On LT. Surges battle my first pokemon was Kookie. I wanted to see how he'd handle but he... he... *tears up*

HE FUCKING TORE THE FAGGOTS APART! He took each of his pokemon out with Twineedle, and didn't even poison them BECAUSE HE'S THAT FUCKING AWESOME. FUCK YOUR SHIT I HAVE A FUCKING BEEDRILL. Also, did I getcha Ron?

As I leave Vermillion my team has become;
Kookie Bee is level 24, and I replaced String Shot with Cut
Raep is level 22
Purple is level 22, and now a Golbat.
Aron is level 23
Blue is level 23
Ron-LOL is unchanged.

Now I have to get to Lavender.

Encounter on Route 9: Rattata, Kookie destroyed him with a single Twineedle. Not even both hits.
Encounter on Route 10: Voltorb, Raep got him down far enough with a tackle, and I caught him with a Great Ball. I named him Zappy. I'll definatly be raising him and he shall be the first to be on my Rotation Team.
Encounter in Rock Tunnel: Machop, two tackles from Raep, and (my last) Great Ball toss later, I now have a Machop named Gary MF Jr and the second to be on my Rotation Team. Once I get the two to level 22 each, I'll continue my journey.

Day 6; February 20, 2011

I've gotten to Lavender.

Current Team:
Purple the Golbat level 23 with Wing Attack, Bite, Astonish, and Leech Life
Aron the Kadabra level 24 with Psybeam, Confusion, Teleport, and Disable
Blue the Wartortle level 24 with Bite, Dig (taught by TM, replaced Tail Whip), Water Gun, and Withdraw
Ron-LOL the Pidgeotto level 24 with Aerial Ace (taught by TM, replaced Gust), Quick Attack, Tackle, and Sand-Attack
Raep the Gyarados level 25 with Water Pulse (taught by TM), Bite, Dragon Rage (replaced Splash), and Tackle
Kookie Bee the Beedrill level 25 with Twineedle (replaced Fury Attack), Cut, Rage (replaced Poison Sting), and Focus Energey

Rotation Team:
Zappy the Voltorb level 21 with Spark, Sonicboom, Charge, and Flash
Gary MF Jr the Machop level 22 with Karate Chop, Seismic Toss, Leer, and Focus Energy

Gary and Zappy have replaced Raep and Kookie for now as they need to level up, and Kookie and Raep are above everyone. I'll be taking out whoever on Route 12 I can, then go to Celadon.

First encounter on Route 8: Meowth, Gary lowered her HP to a perfect amount, and a single Great Ball was used. I named her Scratcheh. Prolly not gonna use her but we'll we how everything goes.
First encounter on Route 7: Meowth, I'm following the rules of no doubles so Zappy got some EXP.

When I got to Celadon, everyone was level 25. I also got that Eevee and named him Toast. I'm going to use the shit out of this little guy. Also, Purple has been trying to evolve but I guess because I don't have the national dex, she can't.

I'm taking out the Gym before anything. With two flying-types, a Psychic type, and a Bug/Poison, it should be easy as pie, and boy it was. Only got hit a few times by the Trainers, and Cool Trainer Mary was a bit of a bitch. For Erika, Victreebel paralyzed Ron but got hit with two Aerial Ace's and was taken down. Kookie fought Tangela with his signature Twineedle, and didn't get hurt at all because she wasted a turn on useing Ingrain. Aron was chosen to take out Vileplume, used Psybeam, and he got paralyzed. Not to smart Erika, as Aron has the ability Synchronize. Vileplume got paralyzed, she used a full heal, and one uninterupted Psybeam later, that bitch went down.

Now I'm gonna take out the Team Rocket base.

I got through and now I'm fighting Giovanni. Blue faced of with his Onix. The fucker kept spamming Harden, but I spammed Dig. After an eternity, Blue took him out. For Rhyhorn, I used Raep and tookhim out with one Water Pulse. For Kangaskhan I used Gary MF Jr. Bitch was stubborn as hell and I had to switch out back to Raep. She hurt him bad but I got her. Giovanni you are a stubborn prick. Now I have to get back to Lavender.

Day 7; February 21, 2011

Fist things first, I've got to fight Gary MF.

His first Pokemon was Pidgeotto, so I countered with Zappy. I paralyzed him on the first turn, so all he did was squeeze out a Quick Attack. Next was Gyarados, so I decided to keep Zappy out there. I paralyzed that fucker too and before he could do anything, he was fucked with another Spark. Next was Growlithe, so I sent out Raep, and a single Water Pulse later, he was gone before anything. Next was his Kadabra, but with Raep holding the Blackglasses I got at the TR base for his Bite attack, I kept him out. He took two hits, but used Kenisis and missed, so he also didn't get to attack. For Ivysaur, I sent out Aron. Ivysaur also went down in one hit. So with only one hit taken, I think with was a great battle.

Pokemon Tower encounter: Gastly, I used Raep's Dragon Rage to weaken her, but sadly, Gastly had less than 40 HP at level 16.

Fuck did channelers freak the shit out of my when I was younger.

I'm going to Fusha through Cycling Road for lulz.

First encounter on Route 18: Snorlax, I'm used Raep to weaken him useing Dragon Rage. Fucker was stubborn as all hell because he kept useing Rest. out of 11 great balls, I used 4. I named this fat, and amazing, fucker Tiny.

Current Team:
Kookie Bee the Beedrill level 26 with Twineedle, Cut, Rage, and Focus Energy
Aron the Kadabra level 28 with Psybeam, Confusion, Teleport, and Recover (replaced disable)
Blue the Wartortle level 28 with Bite, Dig, Water Gun, and Rapid Spin (replaced Withdraw)
Ron-LOL the Pidgeotto level 28 with Aerial Ace, Quick Attack, Tackle, and Sand-Attack
Purple the Golbat level 28 with Wing Attack, Bite, Astonish, and Leech Life
Raep the Gyarados level 28 holding Blackglasses with Water Pulse, Bite, Dragon Rage, and Tackle

Rotation Team:
Gary MF Jr the Machop level 26 with Revenge, Karate Chop, Seismic Toss, and Leer
Toast the Eevee level 27 with Quick Attack, Sand-Attack, Growl, and Helping Hand
Zappy the Voltorb level 28 with Spark, Sonicboom, Charge, and Flash
Tiny the Snorlax level 30 with Headbutt, Snore, Rest, and Yawn

As you can see many are close to evolving, including Golbat who has been trying to evolve into a Crobat but I don't have the National Dex so she can't. Eevee is a Thunder/Firestones throw away from evolving.

Route 17 encounter: Doduo, I always loved these fuckers and in my origanal file Dodrio was a fucking boss. Toast was used to weaken him, and only could use one quick attack due to the fact that I got a crit and don't think that it would survive another even normal hit, so I lobbed great balls. Caught him on the first throw and named him Ol' Bro

Cycling Road was a BITCH but no one was lost.

Route 18 encounter: Spearow, I already had Arow, so I won't be catching her.

Team Update:
Kookie is level 29
Aron is level 30 and learned Future Sight, replacing Confusion
Blue is level 29
Ron-LOL is level 29 and learned Fly, replacing Tackle
Purple is level 29
Raep is level 29
Gary MF Jr is level 29 and now a Machoke
Toast is level 29
Zappy is level 29

Safari Zone encounter: Nidoran female, to bad I was hoping for ANYTHING else. Threw a safari ball on the first turn, and caught her. Named her Nina. Later on I did see a fucking chansey. God I am still pissed.

Route 15 encounter: Oddish,Toast was used to weaken him, and after a crit, I used one Great Ball, and caught him. I named him Potato in memory of Ron's Oddish from his Red nuzlocke.

Got Surf and Strength, now it's time for Route 15 for more EXP. While there, Zappy got to level 30 and evolved. Everyone else has reached level 30. I also evolved Toast into Flareon after much thought.

Day 8; February 22, 2011

Time to fight Koga and I am not bullshiting around with this fucker. Aron out front to take care of his Koffing. One Psybeam later, he's down. Then he sent out his peice of shit Muk. I sent out Raep and used Surf. The fuck is this guys Special Deffense? Then I tried Dragon Rage but it missed because he kept spamming minimize. Finally I hit him and he used fucking Toxic. Fuck I hate this guy. Then the fucker used a god damn hyper potion. I had to use TWO FUCKING FULL RESTORES. I ran out of PP for dragon rage, then that fucker got a critical hit. Raep didn't die but now I had to use a hyper potion of my own and an Either. Then another Hyper Potion. Then finally, I hit him with dragon rage and he has a fucking sliver of health left, then he gets ANOTHER. FUCKING. CRITICAL. I had to use my fucking Max potion AND THAT MOTHER FUCKER USED ANOTHER HYPER POTION AND FUCKING TOXIC. I switched to Purple finally relizing that she can't get poisoned and started with wing attack. She missed. Every. Fucking. Time. I had to switch to Ron, and used fly. I missed obviously. I tryed again, and missed. Then he used toxic. Switched to Tiny, and now the fucker is spamming Acid Armor. Now the fucker is out of PP for sludge and is spamming everything else. Finally after what felt like a trillion years, I take him out with Purple (Tiny lost all his PP in headbutt) and he sends out Koffing. Back to Aron.

One Psybeam took him out. For weezing, I kept him out. Bad idea. Just this fuckers tackle got him into red health. I switched out to Gary MF as he was my last useable pokemon that wouldn't die if they got hit. He got weakened to the point of death. Sent out Tin and used Yawn then Rest and snore.

He used. A fucking. Full heal. And the moment that I could have gotten him, Tiny wakes up. Had to use my lemonade. Used rest again, and with one last snore, down that fucker goes. Litterally all pokemon in my team are in red health but no one was lost. Now I have to get to fucking Saffron.

Got my Hitmonlee named Bruce Lee because FUCK YOU, and now I've got to take out Silph Co.

Day 9; February 23, 2011

So for the Rival battle his first Pokemon was Pidgeot so I used Zappy. He took him out in about three hits, and next was Gyarados so I kept him out there. Took him out in two hits. Next was Growlithe so I sent out Blue. Took him out no problem. Next was Venusaur so I used Ron and that fucker used sleep powder. He woke up quick and I spammed Fly. Only needed two. Finally, he used Alakazam so I countered with Toast due his high Special Attack and Bite. Fucking Calm Mind, why does it work? Toast didn't get a scratch on him though. Fuck you Gary, you are a douche. I got my Lapras and named her Prima because I'm like that.

Now for Giovanni. His first Pokemon was Nidorino, mine was Blue. Didn't go well. I had to switch to Kookie. Took him out after a short time. For Ryhorn I sent out Aron. Also didn't go well and I had to switch to Ron. Took him out. Next was that fuckers Kangaskhan so I used Zappy. Had to switch to Toast. Took him out in a few shots. Now for Nidoqueen. I had aother problem here. It was either Toast or Ron to use as no one else could take a hit. I chose Ron because Toast is weak to ground. That was fucked way to hard. Used a hyper potion on him then on Blue so I could send him back out. In the end I took her out with one Psychic from Aron after everyone could barley scratch her. I was pissed that I didn't try this before. Now with my Master Ball, I have to fight Sabrina.

Sabrina's first pokemon was Kadabra, and mine was Toast. Bitch used a hyper piton just as I was about to take him out with quick attack, but I got a crit so he fainted anyway. Next was Mr. Mime so I kept Toast out. Fucking Calm Mind annoying the shit out of me. This one took longer than it should have but I got him anyway. Next was Venomoth so I used Aron. One Psychic later, I switched to Blue for Alakazam. FUCK YOU CALM MIND. Had to switch to Raep because Alakazam is a prick but then Raep almost fucking died so I sent out Zappy AND ONCE A-FUCKING-GAIN I had to switch to Aron. The fucking cunt used a hyper poition. After way to long I took that bitch out. Now it's time to go to Cinnibar.

Encounter on Route 21: I went into the grass, so Tangela. Used Tiny to weaken her, and I'm glad I didn't use body slam because she would have fainted. Used all five of my fucking great balls, and my only Ultra Ball. That finally caught the whore. I named he Terra.

Pokemon Mansion encounter: Rattata, one dragon rage, one ultra ball, and I named her Reina.

Also got my Kabuto and named him Killer.

Day 10; February 25, 2011

FINALLY got out of the mansion. Time to give Blaine a dicking.

I beat the SHIT out of them with Raep. FUCK YOU HE'S A DRAGON... THING. Now I'm off to handle 1-3 Island side stuff.

Encounter on Knot/1 Island: Seadra, super rod used, I don't like catching second eelutions like this, so Raep and Zappy got some EXP.

Encounter on Treasure Beach: Super Rod used because the only pokemon I can catch in the grass has a 5% encounter rate, found a Horsea, Kookie Bee's Pursuit got him down to 1 HP and one Ultra Ball was used. Named him Smoker.

Encounter on Cape Brink: Psyduck, named her Gold Psycho

Day 11: February 26, 2011

Encounter on Bond Bridge: Pidgeotto, can't catch him cause of Ron, so Zappy got EXP. Literally 3 steps later I meet a Venonat. Fuck my luck eh?

Day 12: March 2, 2011

Encounter on Kindle Road: Meowth. Damnit...

Current Team:
Ron-LOL the Pidgeot level 37 with Fly, Aerial Ace, Quick Attck, and Sand-Attack
Aron the Kadabra level 37 with Psychic, Psybeam, Teleport, and Recover
Blue the Blastoise level 37 with Bite, Dig, Water Gun, and Rapid Spin
Purple the Golbat level 37 Air Cutter, Bite, Astonish. and Leech Life
Kookie Bee the Beedrill level 37 with Twineedle, Cut, Pursuit, and Rock Smash
Raep the Gyarados level 37 with Surf, Water Pulse, Bite, and Dragon Rage

Rotaion Team:
Zappy the Electrode level 37 with Spark, Rollout, Charge, and Flash
Toast the Flareon level 37 with Bite, Quick Attack, Fire Spin, and Growl
Gary MF Jr the Machoke level 37 with Revenge, Karate Chop, Seismic Toss, and Leer
Tiny the Snorlax level 37 Body Slam, Headbutt, Rest, and Yawn

As you can see, Blue and Ron evolved. I'm going to take out what I can on Mt. Ember for more EXP.

Day 13: April 22, 2011

Finally back in the swing I think. Getting all of my pokemon to level 40+ before fighting Giovanni.

Route 23 encounter: Psyduck. To bad I already caught one.


NGPD animator list

2011-01-22 13:30:19 by ilikeblamingcrap

This list is for me and those interested.

Animator - Answer

Pikanjo - No
Chluaid - Does not accept PMs from people out of his contacts.
Luis - Didn't respond the second time
El-cid - No
The-Swain - Fuck you Ron, I'm still not telling.
Jazza - N/A


2011-01-13 12:41:13 by ilikeblamingcrap



Merry Chistmas Eve!

2010-12-24 19:55:24 by ilikeblamingcrap

And merry regular Christmas London!


Happy TANKsgiving!

2010-11-25 15:37:48 by ilikeblamingcrap